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"playing" (song & video)

I wrote & recorded a new song, “playing” on a lap harp a friend of mine gave me. It’s little toy harp that may sound out of tune, but I like it. I’ve been messing around on it and having fun.

The vocals on the recording are rather soft, and so I intend to record another version of it with higher quality audio in the future, but I didn’t want to lose the passion and inspiration of the original recording, so I decided to use it anyway.

I made a video of pictures I put together to go with the song.

playing #1 and playing #2: new paintings I did for the video. along with photographs I took of myself from earlier in the year.

it’s sort of an erotic song. a sort of spiritual love between two people that are in different places.

I hope to release this song on my second solo album of songs, “Ice.”

you can watch the video on my youtube channel:

~ Kelly

Kelly Alexandra Hoff, "playing #2," 2022

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