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on dancing, the radio, my neighborhood

“Haven’t been dancing, so haven’t been listening to pop radio much.  I try for my mom because she likes pop radio.  I grew up with pop radio.  Pop and rock/alternative.

I loved buying CDs.  Movie posters, Sun Coast was cool.  Spencer’s.  Soundtracks.  Like, especially later, once I got to middle school.  I was more depressed then though, because I missed my dad.  He died when I was 12.

Elementary school was fun though.  Even though sometimes stressful.  Going to the mall, making up dances with the girls in the neighborhood. 

I loved dance class.  I took mostly jazz when I was young.  We listened to B96 and Q101.  It was super cool.

I was so sad when I moved.

I missed my friends.

They came to visit me though.”

~ Kelly Alexandra Hoff, Alix.  November 3, 2022


"dog (I'm just your dog again)"

this is a new video I made. new song, "dog."

enjoy. 🖤

~ Kelly


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