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two beers in blog post day, & Goth problems:

two beers in blog post day:


“Danish by land area.”

- me, Kelly Alexandra Hoff

Goth problems:

things that are pissing me off:

some chick named “Fletcher” from New Jersey copying my style and my hair. You couldn’t get your own personality hoe? You had to copy a poor person who is not famous and has no record label, instead of getting your own damn ideas?

There are others I’ve complained about in the past..

“I’m the knee socks chick.” - Kelly Alexandra Hoff

(“and thigh highs”…)

*laughs at PJ Harvey’s picture wearing knee socks circa 2004 on her Facebook Fan Page.

… that’s a different story.. (laughs harder) ps - didn’t copy. Kelly just likes knee socks. Kelly is the knee socks queen.

Kelly likes PJ Harvey still.

“I’m your #1 fan.”

Things (and people) I like:

Freedom of religion

Freedom of speech


True Friends

My mom


Erik is my Scully to my Mulder.

~ Kelly Alexandra Hoff, Thursday, March 31, 2022; 11:14pm

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