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La Brea (2021) Subtitles UPD

"By the Grace of God" Three men take action against the priest who abused them as young boys. With Melvil Poupaud, Denis Menochet, Swann Arlaud. Written and directed by Francois Ozon. In French with English subtitles. (2:17) NR.

La Brea (2021) subtitles

"Frankie" A terminally ill French actress and her family vacation together in a quaint town in Portugal. With Isabelle Huppert, Brendan Gleeson, Marisa Tomei, Greg Kinnear. Written by Ira Sachs, Mauricio Zacharias. Directed by Sachs. In English, French, Portuguese with English subtitles. (1:38) NR.

"The Great Alaskan Race" A champion musher and his team of sled dogs race to deliver medication to combat a diphtheria outbreak in 1920s Nome, Alaska. With Brian Presley, Brad Leland, Treat Williams, Henry Thomas, Brea Bree, Bruce Davison. Written and directed by Presley. (1:27) PG.

"The Last Color" A young street performer grows up to be an activist challenging the caste system in her native India. With Neena Gupta. Written by Vikas Khanna, Vibhav Srivastava. Directed by Khanna. In Hindi with English subtitles. (1:30) NR.

"One Piece: Stampede" Pirates from around the world seek a lost treasure in this anime tale. Written by Takashi Otsuka, Atsuhiro Tomioka; story by Eiichiro Oda. Directed by Otsuka. In Japanese with English subtitles. (1:41) NR.

"Ximei" This documentary follows a Chinese woman's crusade to find justice for poor villagers who contracted AIDS as part of a government-sponsored blood drive. Directed by Andy Cohen, Gaylen Ross. In Chinese with English subtitles. (1:38) NR. 041b061a72


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