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Buy Art Portfolio

Great for transporting, presenting, and protecting artwork and presentation materials, art portfolios come in many sizes with a variety of features. If you're a student, a simple, inexpensive portfolio may be all you need, although one that converts into a backpack might also be a good option. For professional artists transporting their art to a client presentation, gallery, or art show, a sturdier, more fully featured art portfolio may be a better choice.

buy art portfolio

Although most art portfolios are made from weather-resistant materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or PVC, some are constructed from less conventional materials such as felt, board, corrugated cardboard, recycled materials, or even plastic mesh. Some varieties are affordable enough to even leave with a client. Many feature pockets and zipper compartments for essentials such as pens, markers, brushes, or padded pockets for tablets and laptops. Convenience and comfort features include zipper closures, comfort-grip handles, and shoulder straps. Whatever your focus or audience, Blick has the perfect art portfolio for the job.

All applicants must first apply (using Common App or the SUNY App) and then will be prompted via email to submit the required portfolio of artwork in their Admissions portal. There is a non-refundable $5 portfolio fee.

Please submit only one portfolio to the School of Art+Design major of your choice. Students from all majors complete a comprehensive visual arts foundation year in their freshman year, providing broad exposure to all of our available art areas.

We realize that applicants are preparing portfolios for consideration to many different institutions and that you may already have a compiled PDF of work. Although we do ask that you submit individual images via our Admissions Portal, should you chose to upload a pre-made PDF, please make sure to adhere to the portfolio requirements and recommendations detailed on this page.

Please list title, media, dimensions (where applicable) and provide a description of each piece. It is helpful to our faculty reviewers for you to clearly label which item corresponds to which of the portfolio assignments.

If you are looking for a professional portfolio case to present your work in the best light, look no further than We sell only the highest quality portfolio cases and art portfolios, used by artists, designers, photographers, architects, and creatives to make an impression while displaying their work.