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[S2E12] A Good Boy

With the Ronald storyline presumably dead and buried for good, the Bhullar's should be at the top of Jenny and Cassie's caseload. While the drugs and money are no longer an issue, they still left a trail of bodies behind in their wake, and that's not something to ignore.

[S2E12] A Good Boy

Trick or treat, smell Harry's feet / Give him some good pizza to eat / If you don't, he doesn't care / He'll rip you in half with his unearthly strength. That's how the old human rhyme goes, right? In any case, All Hallows' Eve descended upon the town of Patience in this week's episode of Resident Alien and with it, a rather grim vision of the future and a major sci-fi twist that reframes everything we learned in the first half of Season 2. While he recently came to terms with his fear of death, the extraterrestrial pretending to be Doctor Harry Vanderspeigle (played by the inimitable Alan Tudyk) has started to grapple with his identity. Is he an alien? Is he a human? Or is he something in between?

Solemn in their house, Martha and Seth Bullock discuss their plans, and Martha suggests that she'd still like to take up teaching the town's children and Seth agrees that it would be a good idea. Sitting stiffly, he eventually reaches for his wife's hand.[2]

Harold Cooper and his wife are in a car, discussing a clinical trial that might be Cooper's last chance. His prognosis is not good. She wants him to apply for the trial. He promises to apply as soon as he gets to the office.

In Maryland, Samar is with police who've cordoned off an area around a second van. Samar spies a dirty little boy, Finian, in the van through binoculars and sees a small child. Samar approaches the van to speak with the little boy. He has a detonator. He understands what the detonator does. She tells him that it won't do any good because everyone is too far away, only the 2 of them will die. She convinces him not to trigger the detonator and walks the child back to the police line.

Each of these plot arcs also cuts deep emotionally. The choices are not about logistics or exact cause and effect, they're about love, revenge, murder, loyalty, family and fear. And this is without even considering the duplicitous nature of most of these relationships, like Nina trying to keep herself in the good graces of Arkady, Oleg and Stan, while offering them all very different things, or how Philip continues to deceive Martha, while using her as an outlet to his real marriage.

Lombardi also has some good shit on his resume. He was a writer/producer on "The Nanny," which tbh, kind of sounds like my dream job. He must be close with Fran Drescher, because he wrote/produced all of her shows. I googled "Frank Lombardi Fran Drescher" to see if I could find more details about their relationship, and this was the first result ?.

House is reading a medical article written in Hindi when Foreman brings House the chart and notes that Adam's potassium is low, when it should be high. Foreman suggests that it might be amphetamines and House recommends an EKG. However, once he sees the patient, he realizes there is no skin to attach the EKG. House peers through the window and sees Adam 40% covered in severe burns. House believes he has a good chance of survival unless his heart shuts down. House tells Foreman and Chase to find a galvanometer.

Snowballs:Mr. Smitty gives Rocko money to bring in a shipment of comics. Heffer goes with and manages to convince Rocko to stop at a skiing resort after an avalanche halts all traffic.Frog's Best Friend:Bev decides to adopt Earl as her pet. He remains a good boy to Bev but nearly kills Ed every time he's around.

Eva says it's good that she won't have to testify against William, and Noora asks if they will. Eva says they can't lie to the police, but Sana says they can remain silent. Chris states they can't convict him based on the video alone anyways because of bad quality and it being unfocussed. Vilde says they have to think about it because there is a 6 month prison sentence.

Vilde then says William did something good, and Vilde goes to explain that William beat up a yakuza guy in winter too, for calling Iben (Chris' ex-girlfriend) a cheap whore. She states the yakuza guy beat up 3 penetrators, and William did nothing. She explains how then the yakuza beat up Jonas, and Chris and Isak planned to beat up Yakuza the night of the bus party which William knew nothing about.

Noora then says he has some trouble with controlling his mind, which would be good if they added too. Sana says they shouldn't say anything, and the other girls agree. Sana asks if Jonas and Isak would say anything, and Eva says that William helped them and that Jonas doesn't like the police, so no. Vilde concludes that the only person who could fuck everything up is the Yakuza.

In the first part of the game, Nate's strategy isn't working very well, to which he responds by berating the team for being unable to execute it. At halftime, Ted asks the coaching staff what they should do about this new tactic, and Nate spits that they should abandon it, since the players are screwing it up. Ted thinks they should keep trying, but he asks Roy, who says Ted should ... ask the team. Led by Jan Maas (established all season as the straight shooter, for good and for ill), the team decides to stick with it. And then, led by their captain, Isaac, they all put their hands on the BELIEVE sign.

Full credit to Phil Dunster for gradually turning Jamie from a little bit of a cartoon (a very funny cartoon!) last season into a guy that I really, really root for. Seeing him be as mature as he's been about the Keeley thing, acknowledging that he shouldn't have done it and not putting the responsibility on anybody else, is worth cheering (and the opposite of Nate), and he seems to be working from such a position of ... dare I say intelligent reflection? ... when it comes to his play. Jamie is a good kid.

Stealth MVP of the Season: This feels like an impossible task, because all the supporting characters are so good. But if you're talking about the characters I think grew the most between last season and this season, both in performance and writing, I would go with Phil Dunster's Jamie, Jeremy Swift's Higgins, and Toheeb Jimoh's Sam, although even saying that, I already feel like I'm leaving people out. 041b061a72


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