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Buy Estee Lauder Foundation HOT!

Using fingertips, sponge or foundation brush, smooth over skin. Start at center of face and blending outward. Add a little more to build it as a full coverage foundation.PRO TIPS: Shake well, and allow any liquid foundation to dry completely before confirming it's your perfect shade. And always test it on your face (not your arm or wrist) for the most accurate results.

buy estee lauder foundation

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Are you wondering, what is my Estée Lauder foundation shade? To find out the best shades of foundation for your skin, take a look at Estée Lauder's foundation finder. You get personalized recommendations by answering a few questions about skin intensity, undertone, desired coverage, finish (matte, semi-matte, or radiant glow), and skin type. You can also use our virtual try on exclusively on your mobile device to find your perfect match.

I have worked with Estee Lauder for a very long time and am the first ever Australian to be inducted into the Estee Lauder Hall of Fame. I simply love their products and how innovative their formulations are. Over the years I have gained so much experience and knowledge when it comes to finding the perfect Estee Lauder foundation shade.

The number in the foundation name relates to the intensity of the foundation colour. The lower the number (e.g. 1) the lower the intensity of foundation. So someone with fair skin will choose a foundation shade with a '1' in it.

Did you know that you can buy a pump for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation? I have been using this foundation with a pump for years and realized that I had never shared this information on the blog #bloggerfail

If you have not tried this foundation, let me first sell you on it. The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is THE longest lasting foundation I have ever tried in my life. And I have tried A LOT of foundations. It has a matte finish and is perfect if you have oily skin. If you have dry to normal skin I think you would enjoy this foundation if you want your makeup to stay put all day. I wear this foundation to every wedding or special even that I attend.

Both foundations provide a medium coverage that is buildable to an almost full coverage with two layers, although the Maybelline is slightly thinner in consistency. Both give a matte finish that looks natural but they differ dramatically in how they look around pores.

Both foundations darken slightly when they dry but the effect was bigger for the Fit Me foundation. However, the effect was not big enough to consider getting a different shade, at least for the shade I tried, the Fair Ivory.

Both foundations photograph well. The Estée Lauder Double Wear looks slightly better for distance photography whereas the Maybelline Fit Me is better for close ups as it covers up those pores! Both of them work well with flash.

Ideal for normal to oily skin, our exclusive matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur pores. Pore minimizing foundation. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Non-comedogenic.

The Estée Lauder Double Wear contains 20 ingredients of which 13 will offer you some skincare benefit or make the foundation better (like last longer, adhere better to the skin, absorb sweat and oils etc), 1 potential negative and 4 irritants. The Maybelline Fit me contains 24 ingredients of which 15 will offer you some skincare benefit or make the foundation better, 5 potential negative and 4 irritants.

The following compounds present in the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation have been either proven or claimed by some to be sensitizers, irritants, allergens etc: Butylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methicone, Phenoxyethanol.

The following compounds present in the Maybelline Fit Me foundation have been either proven or claimed by some to be sensitizers, irritants, allergens etc: Alcohol Denat., Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben*, Butylparaben*.

I bought my Double Wear foundation from London, two days before my trip back to Jordan. It would be crazy to pay for shipping this bottle back to London to get an exchange. And how could I then be able to pick another shade?!

She used a clean foundation brush, hygiene comes first, and she cleaned my face every time she tried a new shade. I am glad she helped me pick the right shade because obviously, she is an expert in her field.

For someone with combination skin, I always wanted a foundation that does not feel heavy, stays in place with minimum touch-ups, and one that will not look cakey or settles into my fine lines.

I had once Elizabeth Arden Sponge-on crème foundation, it was thick, heavy, and felt like wearing a mask on my face. Also, I tried a few drugstore foundations, but most needed touch-ups often. The only foundation that felt lightweight on my skin, and gave a powder finish was the Stop Shine foundation from Karaja. Still, it used to settle in my fine lines and needed touch ups now and then.

Since it has a medium, buildable coverage, I like to apply a thin layer of foundation all over my face and then add some extra to the areas needed. You can also try using different brushes; each brush will give a different result, starting from everyday look to full coverage.

  • job in spreading the foundation evenly.A beauty blender would give sheer coverage, so I like to use this one for an everyday look.

I should also mention that Double Wear foundation has an SPF 10 protection, so it adds up for protecting your skin, just make sure to apply sunscreen underneath for better protection.

It is a foundation pump from Mac, and I am glad I did! It is so practical, rather than pouring too much product on your hand, and when you twist it, it locks so you can carry it in your makeup bag safely.

Though finding the best foundation shade match could be challenging, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation has proven that with some work, and the help of an expert, you could finally succeed. Many thanks to Estee Lauder team for making the perfect ending to my story!

Hi Victoria,For a long time, I have been switching from a brand to another trying to find my right shade, too. Lately, I got the right one, but then it tended to become cakey, until I tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear. Hope you too find your perfect foundation!

Bought no5 in the foundation, concealer and the power immediately i had my baby in Halifax. Now returning to Nigeria i discover I started getting back my real skin which is fairer than what i was.please which shade should i change to?

I would not recommend buying your foundation online for the first time.At the Estee Lauder counter, you will get three matching suggestions, plus a sample to try at home, which is the best choice before you spend your money on a full-size foundation bottle.I would suggest trying them out in the nearest shop, then you could decide, whether to buy one or not.

Foundations, concealers, compacts, loose powders- when it comes to any kind of base makeup, I become really lazy and reluctant. Unless my skin looks dull and needs some instant solution, my foundations remain untouched. For a long time, I have kept my foundations limited to drugstore brands primarily because I do not see a point in spending thousands on a single makeup product that I will probably need once in a blue moon for 2-3hours wear-time at home. And, there are plenty of drugstore brands that can cater very well to such limited requirement.

The best thing about this foundation is its wear-time. Even in the humidity of Kolkata, it has easily lasted for 7-8 hours at a stretch and during the winter months for 10 hours. In all this time, the double wear foundation do not oxidize which is a boon.

I have very oily T-zone and it does appear glossy after 6 hours which is more than decent for me. Liquid or powder- no other foundation managed to look matte beyond 3 hours on my skin in Kolkata weather and I am an outdoor-person. It is transfer-proof too but only as long as my oily skin behaves. But overall, the wear-time along with transfer-proof nature, is so far the best I have experienced.

Quality-wise, especially the wear-time and no oxidization for such a long period- the product is unmatched by any drugstore item and the price is justified. For me, this is my go-to foundation for any events, parties and functions where I have to spend all day. My drugstore favourites have taken a backseat and used more for casual events.

Ok you ladies are taking the 'ghosting' thing a little too seriously.Even if you do wear it for your wedding day, you're not going to be ghosted.The ghosting effect is mute for professaional photographs. The ghosting only applies to indoor flash photography (unprofessional).As a matter of fact, most indoor flash photography will give you the ghosting effect (double wear or anything else!)Professional photographers know how to use light you don't have to worry about 'ruining your wedding photos'.PS. Most beauty advisors don't know sh*t. I worked in the industry for so long...I know they hire ANYONE...regardless of their makeup background.Please message me directly if you need to know anything about estee lauder.

The foundation did in fact stay in place all day without moving, however, my forehead did begin to get slightly oily after four hours, however, a light touch up with blotting paper fixed this problem for another four hours.

Hi lovely! double wear is actually a silicon based foundation, despite the first ingredient being water.. the next 3 are silicones. There is emulsifiers to blend the oil and water but silicone based primer is ideal.

ATTENTION makeup lover: I just found an insanely good deal on one of my favorite foundations of all time, Estée Lauder Double Wear, in their lightweight formula! You can grab it right now for 25% off, keep reading to find out all the details quick so you can buy before the sale ends!

Estée Lauder's Double Wear matches my skin flawlessly! I can't even say enough good things about this foundation. It really does last 24 hours and gives you the BEST, prettiest coverage without looking thick or cakey at all. I wish I would've known about it sooner! 041b061a72


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