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Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez

How to Play Heroes of Might and Magic III in HD with a Fan-Made Patch

Hi WOG fans ! I installed H3complete from here on W7 and then added wog version from here and then added wog latest patch from here , went into settings and customized the game to my liking and worked. Played random map 7/7 XL with Gurnisson, I see there are some balances regarding 1st lvl creatures ( 5 hp ), they level up much much harder than usual, rings of health now provide extra 5hp each, you can also use (stacking) catapults in usual fights now. I have yet to use the Henchman ( usually I prefer creature lvl +5 for Henchman) and once I do, I'll get back to you. Further upgrades for creature dwealings in town now cost more than before, price going up with each further upgrade. Also, after each fight there is an option to "gather" resources that neutrals had (costing 5 movement)'s not much, but there is chance of several rare resources besides 100 gold. Other than this, I'll let you guys try it out and see for yourselves. In WOG we trust !

Heroes Of Might And Magic III (Complete Edition) Patch [GOG Hack Torrent



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