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1920x1080 Japan Rising Sun Flag HD Wallpaper"> ((FULL))

Additionally, South Korea reversed course from earlier years and demanded that the JMSDF refrain from flying the flag of the JMSDF with the rising sun on its ships at the international observance ceremony held in South Korea in 2018, even though the flag is the internationally recognized symbol of the Japan Self-Defense Force. In that case, the JMSDF elected not to partake in the ceremony.

1920x1080 Japan Rising Sun Flag HD Wallpaper">

What they're saying: "Under the agreement, the committee will not raise any further debate to allow athletes to fully focus on competition, while the IOC will ban the displaying of the rising sun flag at all Olympic venues so that no political problems would arise," the South Korean committee said in a statement, per AP.

"Liverpool is too much now... Recently there have been complaints as they posted images about the Club World Cup final with Japan's rising sun flag. They finally posted an apology statement but it was only seen in Korea, which is ridiculous," Seo fired on Instagram.

As Japan continues to use the rising sun flag even in the 21st century, South Korea and other Asian nations have been pushing for a full ban on the flag. According to Professor Alexis Dudden of the University of Connecticut, the flag: 041b061a72