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Doa Dead Or Alive Full Movie In Hindi 1080p

DOA: Dead or Alive - A Martial Arts Action Film

DOA: Dead or Alive is a 2006 martial arts action film based on the video game series of the same name. The film features four female fighters who are invited to participate in a mysterious tournament on an isolated island. Along the way, they discover that the organizer of the event has a sinister agenda and they must join forces to stop him.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Princess Kasumi, an aristocratic warrior trained by martial arts masters, escaping from her clan's compound after receiving an invitation to the DOA tournament. She is pursued by her loyal servant Hayate and his half-sister Ayane, who consider her a traitor for leaving. Kasumi arrives at the tournament's location, a remote island, where she meets Tina Armstrong, a wrestling superstar, and Christie Allen, a thief and an assassin-for-hire. They are joined by other fighters, such as Helena Douglas, an athlete with a tragic past, Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja and Kasumi's friend, Zack, a flamboyant DJ, Max, Christie's partner in crime, and Bass Armstrong, Tina's father and a former wrestler.


The tournament is hosted by Donovan, a mysterious businessman who has developed a device called the Nano-Max, which can enhance the abilities of the fighters by injecting them with nanobots. He also reveals that he has secretly collected the fighters' DNA samples for his own purposes. The tournament consists of several rounds of combat, where the fighters are randomly paired against each other. Some of the notable matches include Kasumi vs Ayane, Tina vs Bass, Christie vs Helena, and Ryu vs Gen Fu.

As the tournament progresses, Kasumi becomes suspicious of Donovan's motives and decides to investigate. She learns that Donovan is planning to use the Nano-Max to create an army of super-soldiers using the fighters' DNA. She also discovers that her brother Hayate, who was presumed dead after an accident, is actually alive and held captive by Donovan. Kasumi decides to rescue him with the help of Ryu and Helena. Meanwhile, Tina, Christie, and Max also uncover Donovan's scheme and decide to stop him as well.

The four female fighters confront Donovan in his headquarters, where they face his elite guards and his personal bodyguard Weatherby. They manage to defeat them and reach Donovan's office, where they find Hayate hooked up to a machine that transfers his fighting skills to Donovan. They free Hayate and fight against Donovan, who has enhanced himself with the Nano-Max. They eventually overpower him and destroy his device, causing him to explode. The four female fighters then escape from the island with Hayate, Ryu, Max, and Weatherby on a boat.

Cast and Characters



Jaime Pressly

Tina Armstrong

Devon Aoki


Holly Valance

Christie Allen

Sarah Carter

Helena Douglas

Natassia Malthe


Kane Kosugi

Ryu Hayabusa

Eric Roberts


Steve Howey


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