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The Ultimate Guide to Zapco DC Reference Amplifier and Connection Program

Zapco DC Reference Amplifier Connection Program setup free

If you are looking for a high-performance car audio amplifier that offers advanced digital signal processing (DSP) features and can be controlled by a user-friendly software, you might want to check out the Zapco DC Reference Amplifier series. These amplifiers are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and power, while allowing you to customize your sound system with ease. In this article, we will explain what Zapco DC Reference Amplifier is, what Connection Program is, and how you can set up and tune your amplifier with Connection Program for free.

Zapco DC Reference Amplifier Connection Program setup free

What is Zapco DC Reference Amplifier?

Zapco DC Reference Amplifier is a line of car audio amplifiers that have full function DSP built right in. This means that you can adjust various parameters of your sound system, such as crossover frequencies, equalizer bands, time alignment, phase correction, and more, using a software on your PC. You can also use the DSP to create presets for different music genres or listening modes, and switch between them with a remote control.

Features and benefits of Zapco DC Reference Amplifier

Some of the features and benefits of Zapco DC Reference Amplifier are:

  • High-quality components and circuitry that ensure low distortion, low noise, high efficiency, and high reliability.

  • High-power output that can drive various types of speakers, from subwoofers to tweeters.