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Sing 2

Tori Kelly, who voices Meena, is a former contestant of the 2010 season of American Idol. After independently releasing her first EP, Kelly was signed to Capitol Records. The Sing franchise was her debut into the film industry. Kelly spoke to Collider's Perri Nemiroff about her journey in the industry saying:

sing 2

With his Piggy Power, the passionate performer and on-stage counterpart to Rosita comes back with more spandex and more inspirational confidence. The bubbly, dancing, singing swine is unafraid to show his love of life on the stage, but this new act may throw a wrench, or a giant rock, into his rise to stardom.

The rapper, singer, and producer known simply as Pharrell lends his voice to the cast of Sing 2 as Alfonso. A contributor to past Illumination films as a composer for the Despicable Me franchise, the award-winning vocalist is best known for his 2013 song "Happy".

In SING 2, talent scout dog Suki Lake (Chelsea Peretti) tells theater director koala Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) that his production isn't exciting enough to merit a spot at the internationally renowned Crystal Theater in Vegas-like "entertainment capital" Redshore City. Buster disregards her criticism and takes his ensemble -- piano-playing balladeer gorilla Johnny (Taron Egerton), teen pop-singing elephant Meena (Tori Kelly), and pig pals Gunter (Nick Kroll) and Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) -- on a road trip to audition for the intimidating Mr. Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), a prominent producer wolf. A misunderstanding makes Crystal believe that Buster has secured the involvement of Clay Calloway (Bono), one of the world's biggest pop stars, to come out of retirement for the musical extravaganza, so he agrees to hire Buster and his crew. Buster enlists porcupine rocker Ash (Scarlett Johansson) to help him track down Clay and convince him to be part of the new show. Meanwhile, the original cast deals with learning new skills for Buster's ambitious dream project.

It eventually grossed $634.2 million against a $75 million budget. Five years later, Sing 2 is here. Among the voice cast reprising their roles from the first film are Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, and Taron Egerton. Joining the cast of characters trying to put on a Vegas-style show for a media mogul is Bono as a heartbroken and reclusive rock star legend lion called Clay Calloway.

Garth Jennings: Yeah. With this stuff, you talk about it as you're going along, sort of informally. You might be having a coffee one day and say, 'Wouldn't it be funny if they did this?' and no one's making notes. You're just thinking about it out loud and tossing it around. By the time we'd finished Sing, we had a plan in mind. I don't think it was until the film came out that we just started to say, 'Okay, let's focus on this sequel.' That movie's success was a great event and really lovely because I'd only just started working in animation with the first one, and I had to learn all this new stuff. It was nice to have one more go and use all these techniques again, take these characters that I loved, and go full Vegas.

VIOLENCE: A villain threatens Buster on a handful of occasions, snarling at him and eventually throws him from precipitous heights a couple of different times. Johnny breaks his skateboard in half in frustration. A car crashes into a couple of places. A couple of characters are electrocuted by a fence and pass out. A character is whacked by wooden sticks on a few occasions. One is barraged by paintball gun bullets in one scene. However, other than Mrs. Crawley comedically losing her glass eye from time to time, no one is too badly hurt.

I was invited to screen this film in exchange for this Sing 2 Movie Review Safe for Kids? All photos courtesy of Illumination Entertainment. Be sure to follow Raising Whasians for more parent movie reviews, celebrity interviews, entertainment updates and behind-the-scenes info!

With Bono taking a starring role in the animated sequel, fans of the singer will be delighted to know he and his bandmates in U2 perform an original song for the film, titled "Your Song Saved My Life."

Miss Crawly is a loyal assistant to Buster Moon, as well as an accomplished music instructor. Despite losing her glass eye and making the occasional $100,000 mistake along the way, she remains kind-hearted and ever-ready to lend a helping hand when anyone in their circle requires it.

The affluent Nana Noodleman is not only the grandmother of Eddie but also an accomplished former theater actress and famous singer. She played in the same venue that Buster Moon grew up loving, inspiring him to develop a passion for theater arts.

There they set out to perform a big show in the theater of Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), and they promise to deliver the first performance in years by reclusive rock singer Clay Calloway (U2's Bono). First they have to woo Calloway, part of which involves singing him U2's "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of," a weird acknowledgement that maybe Calloway really is Bono? 041b061a72


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