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Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez

Mako: Island Of Secrets

Zac is a teenage boy who decides to camp on Mako Island, unaware that three mermaids, Sirena, Nixie, and Lyla, guardians of the island, are watching him. That night, when the full moon rises, the boy comes into contact with the magic water of the Moon Pool. The following morning, Zac discovers that he has the ability to control and manipulate water. Later, after accidentally falling into the water, he finds that he has also become a merman with a fish-like tail. His new-found merman abilities threaten to expose the existence of merpeople. After their pod casts them out for allowing Zac to visit the island, the three mermaids, curious about living on land and motivated to remove Zac's powers, venture onto the land and learn to live among humans.

Mako: Island of Secrets


In series 2, the mermaids continue to discover Mako's secrets and learn more about the merman chamber. While Nixie and Lyla go in search of a new home, Sirena is left with Ondina and Mimmi, Mako mermaids who continue the effort to remove Zac's powers and reclaim the island for their pod. Evie, Zac's girlfriend, faces her own battles when she becomes a mermaid herself, and the others try to help her cope with the change.

The next full moon is approaching and Zac will have an opportunity to learn about what the merman chamber does. Ondina is worried about what might happen if Zac activates it but Mimmi refuses to go against her brother's wishes and intends to let him activate the chamber. At the Moon Pool, Ondina runs into Veridia who has come up with a plan to destroy the chamber by having Ondina use her power to turn the chamber's power against itself when Zac activates it. Ondina agrees under the condition that she, Mimmi, and Sirena be accepted back into the pod and Veridia agrees. Later, however, Zac changes his mind about activating the chamber when Rita informs him that he and Mimmi are descended from the merman who built the chamber and refused to activate it after falling in love with a mermaid. Ondina meets with Zac and manipulates him into continuing with his original plan to learn the chamber's purpose. Zac agrees under the condition that he goes alone. That night, Zac sneaks away to the merman chamber with Ondina following him. When Mimmi learns that Zac had lied through a vision, she and the others rushes to the chamber. When Zac enters the code into the chamber, it seemingly recreates the trident. As Zac reaches for it, Ondina stops him and prepares to carry out Veridia's orders. The others intervene, warning Ondina that destroying the chamber may destroy the island itself. Zac reaches for the trident again but it turns out to be a hologram that signifies the trident is necessary to start the chamber. With the trident already destroyed, the chamber's threat is seemingly over. The next day, Veridia lifts the girl's banishment and informs them that the pod will return by the next full moon. 041b061a72


discussion about poetry by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.


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