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Matrix Jewelry Software Download

If you are looking for a powerful and professional 3D CAD software for jewelry design, you might want to consider Matrix. Matrix is a product of Gemvision, a company that specializes in developing software solutions for the jewelry industry. Matrix is trusted by more jewelry professionals than any other 3D design software, and taught at over 50 schools in 25 countries. Matrix allows you to create stunning and realistic jewelry designs with ease and precision, using a variety of tools and features that are tailored to your needs.

Download File:

Matrix has several versions, each with its own advantages and capabilities. The latest version is Matrix 9.0, which was released in 2023. Matrix 9.0 offers some new and improved features that make it even more creative, productive, and profitable for jewelry designers. Some of these features are:

  • Smart Pattern: This feature uses patterns to provide an impressive new modeling workflow. You can arrange and adjust creative patterns flat and watch them apply automatically to your 3D model. You can create complex, delicate, vintage, or modern designs with this tool.

  • Clayoo 2.5: This is the next generation of organic modeling tools for creative 3D designers. Clayoo sells for $795, but for a limited time, Matrix 9.0 upgrades will include a full version of Clayoo 2.5, optimized to run inside Matrix. With Clayoo, you can design using SubD, Emboss, and Sculpt methods, similar to carving and shaping clay. You can create smooth, organic, or freeform shapes with this tool.

  • New Texture Builder: This feature allows you to use any grayscale image to control and apply a displacement mesh to your design in 3D. You can explore creative textures to cast on your piece or simulate hand-applied finishes for the ultimate in realistic rendering. You can further manipulate your new texture mesh using Sculpt inside Clayoo for Matrix.

  • New Style Sheets: This feature allows enhanced management of your saved styles. You can set your own primary default and all new visual previews let you quickly search by look instead of a number. You can save time and maintain consistency with this tool.

  • V-Ray for Matrix: This feature provides new options for rendering your designs with high quality and realism. V-Ray is a powerful rendering engine that is used by many industries such as architecture, animation, film, and gaming. V-Ray for Matrix has new features such as an enhanced detailed technical render look and new ways to group similar gemstone types so you can navigate the condensed material menu faster and easier. You can impress your clients and showcase your designs with this tool.

  • Rope Builder: This feature brings speed and simplicity to the previously time-consuming task of creating twisting rope designs. You can create elegant and intricate rope patterns with this tool.

  • Gem Pricing: This feature provides actual Stuller pricing of all the diamonds and gemstones used in your design and display them with your Stuller Showcase margins applied. Stuller is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Gem Pricing helps you calculate the cost and profit of your designs accurately and easily.

  • New Personal Libraries: This feature allows you to create your own custom user libraries to organize your 3D components and designs. You can store and access your frequently used or favorite elements with this tool.

If you are interested in downloading Matrix jewelry software, you can visit the official website of Gemvision or Stuller, where you can request a software demonstration or join a live session. You can also contact them by phone or email for more information. Matrix jewelry software is compatible with Windows operating systems only.

Matrix jewelry software is a great choice for anyone who wants to create amazing and unique jewelry designs with ease and efficiency. Matrix combines the best of both worlds: the power and flexibility of 3D CAD software and the artistry and craftsmanship of jewelry making. With Matrix, you can unleash your creativity and take your jewelry design skills to the next level.


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