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Where To Buy Bed Bug Encasements [REPACK]

One way to keep bed bugs from invading your sleep area is to invest in a mattress encasement. Mattress encasements are typically waterproof, and they zip around your mattress to offer protection against spills, bodily fluids, allergens, and pests. They are designed to trap and kill existing bed bugs, while preventing new ones from crawling into your mattress.

where to buy bed bug encasements


Standard mattress protectors, toppers, and pads are not intended for use as a barrier against bed bugs. Searching for mattress encasements rather than other types of mattress covers can help you identify options that are designed to prevent an infestation.

A bed bug mattress encasement can be an important purchase for hygienic reasons. This purchase may also affect your sleep quality, as some mattress encasements can trap heat or make noise when sleepers move around. Some shoppers may seek additional features such as waterproofing, easy cleaning, or extra-deep pockets for a taller mattress.

WaterproofingAdequate waterproofing may prevent mold or stains by keeping spills, sweat, and other fluids from seeping into the mattress. Fully waterproof encasements may use liners or polyurethane membranes to completely prevent liquids from leaking through. By contrast, water-resistant encasements are designed to wick away moisture or repel water without being fully waterproof.

Cooling PropertiesOverheating can interrupt quality rest. Many encasements are made with waterproof materials, which can reduce breathability and trap heat close to the body. Sleepers who tend to run warm may benefit from encasements that use special materials in the cover to disperse heat and wick away moisture.

CleaningMattress encasement models that can be removed and machine washed may be easier to care for. Some mattress encasements offer the option to remove and wash the top part of the cover only, as this is the part that comes in contact with the sleeper. Always follow the care instructions when washing the cover. Exposing the encasement to high temperatures, bleach, or fabric softeners may damage the seal.

NoiseWaterproofing materials used in mattress encasements can cause a crinkling sound, which may be bothersome to sleepers as they switch sleeping positions. Many manufacturers attempt to reduce the noise level by using special fabric blends or thinner materials. It may be useful to read through customer reviews while shopping online to determine the noise level of a mattress encasement.