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Engineering Course Requirements

Students are encouraged to use the course guides for your engineering courses. Consult your academic advisor if you are unsure of the best plan for your situation. Undergraduate engineering courses are designed as four year degree programs but varies on each students situation.

engineering course requirements


11. In addition to the first-year writing seminars, an engineering communications course must be taken as an engineering distribution, liberal studies, Advisor-approved electives, or Major course. See Engineering Communications Requirement.

International students who declare themselves as engineering majors are taking a huge step towards future careersuccess. An undergraduate degree in engineering is the introduction to a career in engineering. By selecting a goodschool, finding out which field of engineering interests them most, and applying themselves to the program,international students will come out of undergraduate school as a highly educated engineer.

The requirements for an engineering major varies by university. However, most have the basic structure of engineeringprerequisites and core courses. To begin with, students pursuing an undergraduate degree will need to take 60general education courses. General education courses are the same for all students, no matter the degree program.These courses cover virtually every topic and provide introductory principles to each. At some point in the firsttwo years of study an international student should meet with an academic advisor and declare engineering as a major.After these core courses are completed a student will start on their major class requirements that focus on the mostimportant engineering material.

So what classes does an engineering major need to take while enrolled as an undergraduate? There are severaldifferent classes that are made prerequisite, core, and elective courses. Each class must be completed with apassing grade of "C" or better. The first subject that is important to engineering majors is mathematics. Studentsare expected to take courses in Statistics, Algebra and multiple classes in Calculus. Another subject that isrequired is Chemistry. General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry are usually both required. Physics is one of the mostimportant sections of the engineering curriculum. Physics usually come in two different parts. The first sectioncovers Calculus Based Physics I and the second covers Physics II.