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The Elder Races Series by Thea Harrison: A Review and Analysis of the Epub Format

Thea Harrison Elder Races Epub File: A Guide for Fantasy Lovers

If you are a fan of fantasy romance novels, you might have heard of the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison. This is a popular and acclaimed series that features a rich and diverse world where humans coexist with various supernatural beings such as dragons, fae, vampires, witches, shapeshifters, and more. The series follows the adventures and romances of different characters as they navigate the complex politics, conflicts, and mysteries of this world.

Thea Harrison Elder Races Epub File

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But did you know that you can enjoy this series even more by reading it in epub format? Epub is a digital file format that allows you to read ebooks on various devices and platforms. It also offers many advantages over other formats such as PDF or MOBI. In this article, we will show you why you should read Thea Harrison Elder Races epub file, how to download and read it, and what to expect from this amazing series.

The World of the Elder Races

The Elder Races series is set in a modern-day world where humans are not alone. There are other races that have existed for millennia, hidden from human sight by magic and secrecy. These races are called the Elder Races, and they include:

  • The Wyr: Shapeshifters who can transform into various animals, such as dragons, wolves, lions, bears, etc. They have their own demesne in New York, ruled by the powerful Dragon King Dragos Cuelebre.

  • The Fae: Magical beings who live in different realms connected to Earth, such as the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, the land of the Djinn, and the mysterious Moonshadow demesne. They have a complex and ancient culture, and are often involved in intrigues and wars.

  • The Vampires: Undead creatures who feed on blood and are bound by blood oath to their Makers. They have a hierarchical society, divided into seven clans, each with its own territory and leader. The oldest and most influential clan is the Nightkind Demesne, led by the Vampire King Julian Regillus.

  • The Witches: Humans who have the ability to use magic, either innate or learned. They have a council that oversees their affairs, and a covenant that forbids them from harming humans or revealing their existence. Some witches also have special powers or roles, such as the Oracles, the Guardians, and the Sentinels.

  • The Elves: The oldest and most secretive of the Elder Races, they have retreated from the world and live in isolation. They have a high affinity with nature and magic, and are very protective of their lands and people. They are also very distrustful of outsiders, especially humans.

The series explores the relationships and conflicts between these races, as well as the threats and challenges they face from external forces, such as rogue factions, ancient enemies, dark magic, and human greed. Each book focuses on a different couple, who must overcome their differences and obstacles to find love and happiness.

The Benefits of Reading Epub Files

Epub is a file format that stands for electronic publication. It is designed to be compatible with various devices and platforms, such as e-readers, tablets, smartphones, computers, and browsers. It is also a flexible and customizable format, that allows you to adjust the font size, style, color, layout, and other settings according to your preference. Some of the benefits of reading epub files are:

  • Convenience: You can download and store hundreds of epub files on your device, and access them anytime and anywhere. You don't need to carry physical books or worry about running out of space or battery.

  • Compatibility: You can read epub files on any device that supports this format, or use a free app or software to open them. You don't need to buy a specific device or pay for a subscription service to read ebooks.

  • Customization: You can personalize your reading experience by changing the font size, style, color, background, brightness, orientation, margin, spacing, etc. You can also add bookmarks, highlights, notes, and annotations to your epub files.

Reading epub files can enhance your enjoyment and comprehension of ebooks, especially if you are reading a long and complex series like the Elder Races. You can easily navigate between chapters, sections, and books, and adjust the settings to suit your mood and preference.

How to Download and Read Thea Harrison Elder Races Epub File

If you are interested in reading Thea Harrison Elder Races epub file, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Find a reliable source: There are many websites that offer free or paid downloads of epub files, but not all of them are safe or legal. You should always check the reputation and reviews of the website before downloading anything from it. You should also respect the author's rights and support their work by buying their books or using authorized sources.

  • Download the epub file: Once you have found a trustworthy source, you can download the epub file to your device. You may need to create an account or enter your email address to access the download link. You may also need to unzip the file if it is compressed.

  • Open the epub file: After downloading the epub file, you can open it with any device or app that supports this format. Some of the popular options are:

  • E-readers: Devices like Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. that are designed for reading ebooks. You can transfer the epub file to your e-reader via USB cable or email.

  • Tablets and smartphones: Devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. that can read ebooks as well as other media. You can use a built-in app like iBooks or Google Play Books, or download a third-party app like Calibre or Aldiko.

  • Computers: Devices like PC or Mac that can read ebooks as well as other files. You can use a web browser like Chrome or Firefox with an extension like EPUBReader or MagicScroll, or download a software like Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions.

Lord's Fall (Book 5)

This is the fifth book of the series, and it returns to the story of Pia and Dragos, who are now married and expecting their first child. However, their happiness is threatened by a new crisis that affects the wyr and the other Elder Races. A faction of the wyr has rebelled against Dragos and his rule, and they are planning to unleash a dark force that could destroy the world. Pia and Dragos must work together to stop them, while also dealing with the challenges and changes of their relationship and parenthood.

Kinked (Book 6)

This is the sixth book of the series, and it features the romance between Aryal, a harpy and wyr sentinel, and Quentin Caeravorn, a half-wyr half-elf and a new sentinel. Aryal and Quentin have been enemies for a long time, clashing over their different views and personalities. They are forced to work together when they are sent on a mission to Numenlaur, the ancient homeland of the elves, which is now a dangerous and corrupted place. There, they face many perils and secrets, as well as their own attraction and feelings for each other.

Night's Honor (Book 7)

This is the seventh book of the series, and it follows the story of Tess Graham, a human waitress who works at a club that caters to the supernatural clientele, and Xavier del Torro, a vampire and a member of the Nightkind Demesne. Tess is desperate to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend, who is also a vampire. She applies for a position as a human attendant to Xavier, hoping to find protection and stability. Xavier is intrigued by Tess's courage and innocence, and he offers her a chance to join his household. However, he has his own agenda and secrets that could put Tess in danger.

Midnight's Kiss (Book 8)

This is the eighth book of the series, and it tells the story of Julian Regillus, the Vampire King of the Nightkind Demesne, and Mellyora MacAdar, a fae princess of the Light Fae Court. Julian and Mellyora have a history of hatred and betrayal that goes back centuries. They are reunited when they are both kidnapped by an enemy who wants to use them as pawns in a war between the vampires and the fae. As they try to escape and survive, they discover that their old feelings are not dead, but have evolved into something more complicated and passionate.

Shadow's End (Book 9)

This is the ninth book of the series, and it focuses on the relationship between Beluviel, the consort of the Elven High Lord, and Graydon, a gryphon and wyr sentinel. Beluviel and Graydon have been in love for centuries, but they have been separated by a curse that binds Beluviel to her cruel and abusive husband. They have given up hope of being together, until a new opportunity arises that could break the curse and free Beluviel. However, they have to face many dangers and sacrifices along the way, as well as the wrath of the Elven High Lord.

Moonshadow (Book 10)

the Moonshadow demesne and its inhabitants. The book follows the story of Sophie Ross, a human witch and a consultant for the LAPD, who is injured on the job and loses her magic. She inherits a house in England from a distant relative, and decides to go there to recover and start a new life. There, she encounters Nikolas Sevigny, a knight of the Dark Fae Court and a leader of the resistance against the evil Queen Isabeau. Nikolas needs Sophie's help to access the Moonshadow demesne, a fae realm that has been cut off from Earth by a magical barrier. Sophie agrees to help him, but she soon finds herself in the middle of a war between the fae and their enemies.

The Novellas and Short Stories of the Elder Races Series

In addition to the main books, the Elder Races series also includes several novellas and short stories that complement and expand the main storyline. Some of these stories are:

  • True Colors: A novella that tells the story of Alice Clark, a human art gallery owner, and Gideon Riehl, a wyr wolf and a homicide detective, who meet and fall in love while investigating a murder case involving wyr paintings.

  • Natural Evil: A novella that follows the story of Claudia Hunter, a human retiree who travels across the country with her dog, and Luis Alvarez, a wyr cougar and a former soldier, who team up to stop a rogue wyr from harming innocent people.

  • Devil's Gate: A novella that focuses on the relationship between Seremela Telemar, a medusa and a librarian of the Nightkind Demesne, and Duncan Turner, a wyr lion and a chief of security of the Elder Races Tribunal, who go on a rescue mission to save Seremela's niece from a dangerous cult.

  • Hunter's Season: A novella that explores the romance between Xanthe, a palace guard of the Dark Fae Court, and Aubrey Riordan, a former assassin and a spy for the Light Fae Court, who find themselves trapped in an enchanted cottage after an assassination attempt.

  • The Wicked: A novella that tells the story of Olivia Hardy, a human accountant who works for Dragos Cuelebre, and Sebastian Hale, a wyr raven and an old friend of Dragos, who reconnect and rekindle their feelings after years of separation.

  • Dragos Takes A Holiday: A short story that shows how Dragos, Pia, and their son Liam spend their first family vacation on a tropical island.

  • Pia Saves The Day: A short story that follows Pia as she tries to save Dragos from losing his memory and his identity after an accident.

  • Peanut Goes To School: A short story that depicts Liam's first day at school and his adventures with his new friends.

These novellas and short stories add more depth and fun to the Elder Races series, and give us more insight into the characters and their lives.

The Spin-off Series of the Elder Races

but focus on different aspects and characters. Some of these spin-off series are:

The Tarot Novellas

This is a series of four novellas that are inspired by the tarot cards and their meanings. Each novella features a different couple and a different theme. The novellas are:

  • True Colors: This novella corresponds to the Justice card, and it represents balance, fairness, and truth. It tells the story of Alice Clark and Gideon Riehl, who we met in the main series.

  • Natural Evil: This novella corresponds to the Hermit card, and it represents solitude, introspection, and guidance. It tells the story of Claudia Hunter and Luis Alvarez, who are new characters.

  • Devil's Gate: This novella corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune card, and it represents fate, luck, and change. It tells the story of Seremela Telemar and Duncan Turner, who we met in the main series.

  • Hunter's Season: This novella corresponds to the Temperance card, and it represents harmony, moderation, and healing. It tells the story of Xanthe and Aubrey Riordan, who are new characters.

The Tarot Novellas are a great way to explore the different facets and possibilities of the Elder Races world, and to enjoy some sweet and sexy romances.

The Game of Shadows Duology

This is a series of two books that are set in a parallel world where magic is real and dangerous. The books follow the story of Mary Corbet, a human nurse who has a rare gift of healing, and Michael Scott, a mysterious man who has a dark past and a hidden agenda. The books are:

  • Rising Darkness: This book introduces us to Mary and Michael, who meet and feel an instant connection. However, they soon realize that they are part of an ancient prophecy that involves saving or destroying the world. They also have to face their enemies, who are after their power and their lives.

  • Falling Light: This book continues the story of Mary and Michael, who have to find a way to stop the evil force that is threatening to unleash chaos and destruction. They also have to deal with their own feelings and secrets, and the consequences of their choices.

The Game of Shadows Duology is a thrilling and romantic series that blends fantasy, mystery, and suspense.

The Moonshadow Trilogy

This is a series of three books that are set in Europe and focus on the Moonshadow demesne and its inhabitants. The books follow the stories of different couples who have to overcome their conflicts and enemies to find love and happiness. The books are:

  • Moonshadow: This book follows the story of Sophie Ross and Nikolas Sevigny, who we met in the main series.

  • Spellbinder: This book follows the story of Morgan Le Fae, a sorcerer and a traitor to the Dark Fae Court, and Sidonie Martel, a human violinist who is kidnapped by Morgan's enemies.

  • Lionheart: This book follows the story of King Oberon of Lyonesse, a fae realm that is under siege by Isabeau's army, and Dr. Kathryn Shaw, a human surgeon who is hired to heal Oberon's wounds.

and magical side of the Elder Races world, and to enjoy some passionate and adventurous romances.


The Elder Races series by Thea Harrison is a fantastic and fascinating series that offers a rich and diverse world of fantasy and romance. The series features a variety of characters and stories that appeal to different tastes and preferences. The series also offers many benefits for readers who choose to read it in epub format, such as convenience, compatibility, and customization.

If you are looking for a series that will keep you entertained and engaged for a long time, you should definitely download and read Thea Harrison Elder Races epub file. You will not regret it.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the topic:

  • Q: How many books are there in the Elder Races series?

  • A: There are 10 main books, 9 novellas, and 4 short stories in the Elder Races series. There are also 3 spin-off series that are set in the same world as the Elder Races.

  • Q: What is the reading order of the Elder Races series?

  • A: The recommended reading order of the Elder Races series is to follow the chronological order of publication, which is:

  • Dragon Bound

  • Storm's Heart

  • Serpent's Kiss

  • True Colors

  • Oracle's Moon

  • Natural Evil

  • Devil's Gate

  • Hunter's Season

  • Lord's Fall

  • The Wicked

  • Kinked

  • Dragos Takes A Holiday

  • Pia Saves The Day

  • Peanut Goes To School

  • Night's Honor

  • Moonshadow

  • Midnight's Kiss

  • Rising Darkness

  • Falling Light

  • Shadow's End

  • Lionheart

  • Spellbinder

  • Q: Who is the author of the Elder Races series?

  • A: The author of the Elder Races series is Thea Harrison, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She has also written other books under different pen names, such as Amanda Carpenter and Teddy Harrison.

  • Q: Where can I download and read Thea Harrison Elder Races epub file?

  • A: You can download and read Thea Harrison Elder Races epub file from various sources, such as:

  • The author's website:

  • The publisher's website:

  • Online bookstores:,,, etc.

  • Ebook libraries:,, etc.

You should always check the reputation and reviews of the source before downloading anything from it. You should also respect the author's rights and support their work by buying their books or using authorized sources. 71b2f0854b


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