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Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez

Incredimail 2.5 19

Good Afternoon.I have the same problem described by Mark. Many years being a user of Incredimail, I have many emails separated in folders and subfolders, and many messages rules. I want to know if I will loose all this folders and subfolders when I transfer incredimail to Outlook or when the conversion is ended, all would be the same in Outlook as it was in incredimail. Thanks.

incredimail 2.5 19

I've had incredimail for many years. Yes, at times there was trouble with customer support but I think with the way some people f***up their computers they must have had a difficult time trying to help people. Perhaps they just got tired of trying to help fix errors not of their doing. I am incredibly sad to see them go! It's like losing a best friend... sad, sad.

I had a lifetime licence I bought 2002, I still have my licence number but it won't accept it, I have contacted "support" if you can call it that 4 times with an answer. For years i used it without problem ( or very small one's) this latest 2.5 is a total disaster, emails won't send, Emails rules don't work, some email don't show the content and so many crashes too many to count. I have reinstalled 5 times in the last few months. I have downloader Thunderbird it's ok but a very complicated learning curve, but reliable and the stock front screen text is too small which as far as i know you cannot alter I just want my incredimail to actually work..

I have been with you for over 23 years. My Heart is broken because I have to leave you because AT&T will not send me my email I use the AT&T email address and not the yahoo. See if you all don't now that AT&T and yahoo are working together. I am a google girl not a yahoo. So being said all this I am unable to get email for over 4 days I have to find some other email carrier. Which I don't want to do. But I guess it's the company how run what we can have. Thanks incredimail for all the good years we have had. Jan:-(

What kind of people have taken over incredimail and messed it up so. They just blocked my account because I asked to have my licence code reinstated after all I bought that and it was for life supposedly.(Stay well Clear from these new Sharks)

Hi,i think M/Soft may have removed the update,i had it hidden for a few days,but its gone this morning,i have had my computer on all day and it has not redownloaded,also incredimail is now working fine!! Joe

hello: thought I had this update stopped, but no .. When I tried to get incredimail up, it crashed again. I am sick with this happening every day. Do you think Microsoft will ever get a fix for this. I tried contacting M S but cant find place to do it. .any suggestions?


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