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Depraved Kkk

Backderf, Derf. My Friend Dahmer. Abrams Comic Arts/Abrams, 2012. 224p. Gr. 10 up. In this graphic novel, Derf Backderf depicts notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, as he remembers him as an introverted high school classmate and detached friend. Combining teenage memories with later information extracted from news reports and interviews, Backderf examines why Dahmer transformed from a quiet, albeit odd, teenager into a depraved murderer.

Depraved Kkk

Is it possible that the KKK is right? They claim that their job onBlacks are done, because a set of black hip hop artists from the"wormwood" of society are doing a better job at demeaning andabusing Black people, especially Black women. They are the neoclassical poetsof the ghetto. The White classical poets put their women on a pedestal, theneoclassical made them approachable and attainable; but these worms thatinfest the earth and furniture of ghetto life drag women down, Black women,and transform them into bitches, whores, and used up chattel. But maybe thisdisease has spread deeper than that. And the KKK has missed the point. NovelThomas in his article, "Of Dogs and humans, who do you love more?"(Community Contact 29 August 2007) strongly suggests that the human race hasbecome participants in a pit bull fight to the death for no other reason thanthat they have become loveless creatures that have forfeited the benefit ofredemption that comes with the capacity to love. David Banner is a screwed uphip hop "artist", a graduate from uncle Screw tapes'correspondence school (se C. S. Lewis Screw tape Letters: from a senior devilto a junior devil). He has lost love and its conscience. He is somewhere inthe valley of the dead looking for it, before he passes into another life.Will it be a hell where eternally he chokes on the bile of hate which he cannever completely vomit? Or will he discover self respect, hope and purposebeyond the damnation of self-destructive hate. Uncle Screw tape has got DavidBanner in his grip, locked in the bottomless pit of denial, beyond theunconscious. Is David Banner and his wormwood pals by nature depraved, as theKKK might claim? No. But they have become so. Is their history one of victimsof abuse, disadvantaged, enslaved, valued only for their physical properties,equated to chattel, abandoned and left fatherless? Yes. They are clearly notblessed with the patience of Job; and Uncle Screw tape has got them trappedin the brutal brilliance of his deception. For they believe that they areartists and that that gives them the right to say whatever they want, anillusion of democracy without responsibility. I will not question theirclaims to being artists for art has never stopped anyone from being vile, nornations from looting, pillaging raping and destroying other nations. Art hasnot stopped the White man from turning the White woman into sex objects andbribing her to play the role. The issue then is not whether they are artistsbut whether their artistic expressions destroy theirs and others souls.

I never put much thought into that phrase until I saw how depraved the Call of Duty: Black Ops community can be. In the last week, I've seen user-made gun emblems showing people having sex with animals (and vice-versa), KKK members lynching black men in a tree, a woman violating herself with a beer bottle, and countless instances of masturbation and drug use (occasionally combined into the same image).

To far more people than we would like to admit, the mystery of James W. von Brunn, the alleged shooter at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, is not that he held such weird and depraved views about Jews and the Holocaust, but that those views are considered weird and depraved. In vast parts of the Islamic world, too many people not only deny the Holocaust but embrace the thinking that made it possible.

Earthbound is the most highly desired SNES game of all time because it was the first Japanese RPG made with American kids in mind. It's a role playing game, it's an adventure game, it's an action game, and it has a cleverly American themed hilarious story that was never seen before. Instead of the typical swords and magic Japanese RPG, Earthbound was Modern times in an "almost-America" setting with recognizable kids and settings. To top it off enemies are bizarre. There are funny people are everywhere, creatures and alien inanimate objects, possessed guitars depraved hippies and insane cult members that closely resemble the KKK. 041b061a72


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